About Us


The 18-year-old Ayurvedic company owned by Mr. Rakesh P Gadiya in 2006 as an Ayurvedic Medicine Company.

From its humble beginnings in the city of Mumbai (Maharashtra), Mahaveer & Mahaveer has developed and helped to improvise people’s lifestyle by the means of Ayurveda. Today we have been curing, treating, preventing as well as managing various illness/diseases like Cough, Cold, Diabetes, Piles, Gas, Acidity and many more. Our traditional knowledge of Ayurveda along with modern science technique helps us to develop products made by various Ayurvedic herbs with right combination to get better results. Our aim, to serve the society through means of Ayurvedic products, which not only helps to cure and treat any disease but also helps to obliterate it out of the body with 100% natural ingredients that helps in our day-to-day life.

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